The endless cycle of unsatisfied needs in life.

It is not difficult to notice that we live in some kind of endless cycle of satisfying our own needs. One can agree with this thesis. Indeed, we need to fulfill our basic needs every day, such as brushing our teeth, going to the shower, eating food, cleaning the room, washing clothes, washing dishes. What is so special, extraordinary here? The fact is that we are simply FORCED to accomplish these senseless tasks falling ponderously on our heads. It is necessary to perform the same routine every day in order to feel better, so that you will not eventually be swallowed up by an immeasurable being in the form of entropy.

Every minute, second, and hour of our wakefulness we are at gunpoint of life, that all chronically brings us the most cruel and sophisticated ultimatums. Life threatens us with rotting and falling out teeth from excess plaque. Pours gastric acid, which corrodes the walls of the stomach itself and contributes to the development of gastrointestinal diseases. Makes you resist a dirty, stinking body. The list can be continued indefinitely.

In the recreational time, when we are emancipated from the oppression of basic things, we need to occupy our minds with some kind of activity. An activity that would force us, at least for a while, to distract from our mortal being, from the superfluous reflection. It would help to kill the boredom and meaninglessness of our existence. In the best case scenario, it should entertain us, and not impose an unnecessary turmoil.

Thus, considerable number of days, months, years pass in this endless squirrel wheel of life, which disposes of its evolutionary-sadistic intentions with a “carrot and stick”. In fact, It is often surprising that some individuals deprived of gray matter passionately want to prolong their run in this unpretentious wheel as long as possible. Considering that the body’s need for resources increases exponentially over the years, as does the risk of getting a very serious illness at an older age.

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