What is the meaning of existence? Illusory meanings and goals.

Most people certainly believe that life presupposes a certain meaning. It is a very common opinion, that everyone in life must necessarily have their own vocation, kind of activity, which thereby should become the meaning of a person’s life. This question is especially often asked to young children in a more implicit form: “Who do you want to become when you grow up?” — here they imply the presence of child’s future life purpose. But what kind of a chimera is the meaning, or rather the meaning of life?

Let’s start with the fact, that evolutionarily our brain is simply programmed to solve problems. For it, the most primary meanings and goals are the basics such as finding food, reproduction, survival. But when at least 2 points of this are fulfilled (survival, sustenance), an emptiness of existence arises, boredom devouring from the inside. During this period, thoughts of a philosophical nature involuntarily arise — why all this existence, for what? And, of course, there is an aversion to one’s being.

Thus, in the conditions of satisfied needs, people began to pile themselves up, or forcibly pile up others with additional endless tasks in order to distract themselves from the emptiness of being. Most professions, activities, are somehow aimed at solving invented problems that have nothing to do with those three basic aspirations. There would be no need for a interpreter, if there were no languages. You wouldn’t need a computer expert, if there were no computers. You wouldn’t need an electrician, if there was no electricity.

In short, what we have been doing all our lives is running away from devastating boredom and tedium, trying to fill most of our time with a certain type of activity, ideally the most interesting for us. This type of activity might constitute about 1/2 of our waking time, usually work or study. Not always the most engaging and fascinating. What is most important is that our survival in this world depends on these hours, precisely because we do something for society, which subsequently rewards a certain amount for this activity.

In our free hours, we are also not free from the constant oppression of the breach of existence. We constantly are in need to distract our mind from where we are. Then hobbies and pastime activities were created for such purpose. But it also turns out to be such a mini-job to engage in a hobby, improve in it, make all your last efforts there. Many occupies their free time in distracting their minds, content with consuming various types of media – movies, games, movies.

So what if everything is so prosaic and clear, like the purest river water, that you see the whole background of life. All activities are aimed to prolong your miserable existence, earn extra days of suffering, satisfy the emptiness and tiresomeness of existence. All these insignificant attempts are channeled into justifying someone’s illusions and hopes imposed on you by the parents and the goverment. The suffering that you put so hard into your craft will never fully pay off. All your activities are important only to representatives of your own species, but not to the vast Universe, against which we are nothing and nobody. And there is no global meaning anywhere, there are only temporary goals, after which more goals appear. All for the sake of justifying and maintaining one’s own life on this planet.

It doesn’t matter how deplorable it may sounds, but we are not able to completely control our brain, that endlessly strives to plunge into illusions fueled by fictional goals and meanings. By doing something else, we automatically attach a symbolic meaning to this activity. Those insatiabilities to these capricious aspirations has no end.

3 thoughts on “What is the meaning of existence? Illusory meanings and goals.

  1. You clearly forget, or don’t seem to see what the point of doing anything is. Whatever activities I do, they don’t need to be important to anyone, or justify anyone else’s hopes. They don’t need to only satisfy temporal matters either. It is for happiness, my choice, and my experience. There are only temporary goals, yes. And I want them to remain temporary. While you’re alive, you have a choice to look at things blackly, and act as if emotion isn’t necessary. It will never be a wise choice.

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