108 billion people have ever lived on this planet… most of them are dead.

There are 108 billion people have ever lived on this planet, 100 billion of them are already dead. There are 8 billion still alive and fighting for their lives in this relentless struggle. Very few of them have ruminated about the events taking place. Many of them have lived in interminable hallucinations of their modernity.

There is not even a single reminder of the many ordinary people who have ever lived and walked the earth. Their biographies have been savagely trampled due to their disappearance, and the memory of them has dissipated along with those who knew them. Who they were, what they did for a living, what they looked like, what their worldview was? They, it might be stated, to have never existed, drawing conclusions from the inability to answer the abovementioned questions. They were just a small grain of sand in this grand scheme of life. They are just a figure that is part of an even larger figure, replenishing the group of “those who have ever lived on the Earth.” Their existence may have passed without a trace, leaving only a small “contribution” in the form of a carbon footprint on this planet.

These dead, deceased people, as well as the living, aspired somewhere, did something, ate, drank, copulated, worked, raised children, believed in God, sang the hymns of their great state, indulged in cultural universal bacchanalia, worked for the benefit of a “bright” future. Many of them have not leave behind a name and memory of their past existence. Many of them have gone into abysmal obscurity; Only a few famous personalities were remembered, left their imprint in history of mankind. Others disappeared into the obscure haze of huge numbers.

Many people assert, that every person is unique and individual; everyone has their own incomparable path of life. This argument might be considered from the different perspectives. However, where is the uniqueness here, in what? We repeat almost the same things, that our ancestors repeated many a million times before. The same mistakes, that people face from generation to generation onward. Certainly, each particular person is just a grain with a different combination of preferences, inclinations, interests from another such grain in this huge pile of sand of life; therefore, these differences are called uniqueness and individuality.

Few even ponder about why this is and why that is. Why do they repeat the same mistakes when they should have been avoided if possible. They could have avoided and, at least, prevented a series of many potential suffering, if they had renounced extremely unnecessary prejudices about their own and others’ existence. However, there is a stumbling block that is based thoroughly everywhere; which is a cognitive barrier to pure and impartial, unbiased thinking. The main delaying and entrenched propagators of lies are culture and religion, a public dictatorship with its hopeful, reassuring agenda.

Of course, if a person or a group of people realizes that all this is meaningless and they are just an unfortunate gear in this failed, vicious mechanism, then one can only imagine what will happen in the future with society. Everyone will take turns, at first timidly waking up from a dream of falsehoods, deceitfulness and propaganda, following the example of a minority. Internal sabotage will sooner or later develop into external sabotage, then there will be a real revolt on the part of the rebels, and those suppressing the uprising will take extremely cruel punitive measures against the former.

All these 108 billion people who have lived hardly asked the question “Why all this?”. Perhaps they didn’t try so hard to think about it, because they just didn’t have enough time for it. They continued and did what others had done countless times before them. They did not ask for answers, did not stress them, did not put a significant emphasis on them, did not even ask such a question and did not question it. All they did was the repeatition of the same story over and over again, generation after generation. Thus, it was considered the “norm” and “standard” not to ask unpretentious existential questions and not to look for a storehouse of answers to them.

However, they are not to blame for their odious ignorance. They were taught this way not to ask these “stupid” questions; do everything as directed, as expected, be an obedient slave to your masters. Their whole life had been predetermined before their birth. All their thinking is based on immutable, indisputable postulates; blind optimistic affirmations dictated from a society where everyone is identically in the same boat of incessant delirium. Thus, they unquestioningly fulfilled all the imposed truths; they considered as the norm what is actually an atrocity in all its manifestation.

They worshipped their implacable, cruel leader. Considering his policy acceptable and flourishing. When in fact, it has brought a huge ocean of bloody sacrifice and suffering. They gave birth to children, justifying it with good and benevolent intentions, and then threw them into the shelling and bombardment of existence; threw others into a meat grinder and forced them to fight for some ephemeral irrational goal, which they also invented for the sake of itself. They assigned their suffering and the suffering of others a favorable and positive meaning. When in fact, it is only harmful and superfluous in existence.

Despite this, people would be afraid to get credible, reality-reflecting answers to these simple questions. To find out what kind of reality is means to perish, to kill the illusions accumulated over the years, to surrender to mental death. Thereafter, numerous religions were created; an empty faith that saves from the ubiquitous oppression of reality, delusional optimistic fallacies and illusions for a “bright future” that someday everything will get better and better. All this mind-clouding opium has always sold well and will continue to be sold until the last days of the existence of the human race.

Nevertheless, no one during his lifetime will be able to capture these best, utopian times. There will always be discontent, there will always be the humiliated and the deprived, there will always be incurable diseases, from which they so unsuccessfully strive to get rid of.

Although, even if we imagine a hypothetical utopia, where everything is great and blissful, there are no catastrophes and disasters, then what is the point in this unrequited idyllic existence? To just live in the same amoebic state, waiting for your end to come? A real idyll and ceaseless contentment is being at the “0” mark; that is, the absence of needs and desires, the absence of suffering, the absence of motives for action to prevent negative states. When in the real world all living beings are trying every second to compensate for “-” by “+”, in order to eventually go back to the most accessible neutral state closer to “0”, but not to the true “0”. Thereby, this perfect state of “0” does not require the existence of someone who would need it, this is the ideal state of non-existence; hence, utopia is not only impossible, but also logically untenable.

All the laborious, tedious works and discoveries of humanity will sooner or later sink into the void. One click on the button that launches a nuclear bomb, the increased efficiency of piercing solar rays with the growth of solar mass, a climate catastrophe, an extraterrestrial invasion of cosmic bodies can destroy all the wealth accumulated over centuries of immeasurable sacrifices and suffering. All these stupid, fallacious, delusional ideologies, religions, philosophies and doctrines, that helped Homo Sapiens survive will sink into oblivion; all scientific and creative achievements — this abandoned cohort of symbolic nonsense will sink into oblivion along with this species. No one will ever guess that a “rational” species once had lived here and committed the most cruel and bloody feuds, applied violent actions not only toward itself, but also to other types of living beings, built a real empire of physical and mental suffering.

2 thoughts on “108 billion people have ever lived on this planet… most of them are dead.

  1. “I’ve never met an intelligent person who was happy.” I don’t know who said this, but it’s true. As is, everything you’ve written here.
    I am intelligent, too. But, are we both unbalanced in our intelligence?
    I have read this post many times, and it gave me a revelation of my own imbalance.
    Both you and I, are only seeing 1/2 of life on this planet. Is that being “intelligent?”
    I think not.
    I need to go gather some flowers. And, maybe, you should do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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