The optimistic bias towards existence. Pollyannaism.

The most common congitive delusion, naturally occurring in people’s minds, is the inclination to adopt a more positive view towards the world/their lives, than it really is. The tendency to evaluate a life and happening event in it more positively, than the actual fact suggests is based on deep evolutional misconceptions, facilitating succesfull adaptation, survival and eventually reproduction. Various absurd, wild misconceptions have become massively distributed in many cultures due to a incorrect representation about the real state of things. A very large number of sectarian cults of positive thinking have been created that frantically attack those who see occurring events much more realistically.

That behavioral patterns towards positive aspects/positive thinking of life explicitly manifest in the everyday life. Many people see their past much brighter than it really was. In fact, this effect is far from its fidelity, plausibility. This is another trick of the human brain that everyone falls for, the intricately created appearance of a fleeting positive feeling that they managed to experience. Perhaps, the past was no better, but even much worse than the present itself. The commonplace phenomenal deception is created by the same insidious DNA molecule which does everything possible to detain its puppet as long as possible in play in order to remind the benevolence of life, to throw its weighty, affirmative reason for continuing existence, no matter how bad it may be.

Our species has succesfully elaborated the best cognitive mechanism of protection against the harsh situations, adverse circumstances of reality. The exasperating status quo doomed every living being to the same process of birth, a short period of prosperity, then a slow decline and, ultimately, death. The level of human intelligence, comprehension and self-awareness of its being may either be considered as a curse or a gift of nature. I am tend to agree with the first and the foremost opinion of this controversial and equivocal dilemma. Unperturbed, cold-blooded evolution created this perplexed and intricate scheme, the human brain of many mental tortures and bitter, painful revelations probably unintentionally; but it has the same local goals that are shared with every living being — to make a man survive as long as possible and then reproduce.

No doubt, there are no grand meanings and transcendent determinations here, in fact, even for a human being of such sufficiently large intellectual capacities and a measure of awareness compared to other lifeforms. We are purely forced to treat general meaningless of existence with palliative methods every time so that every time it does not remind us of our vile natural essence that we are actually ordinary mortals driven by the instinct of life, giving nominal meaning to the meaningless nature of everything in order to stay here a little bit longer on this dying planet around the emptiness, and as late as possible to be food for worms and saprophytes.

The vector of perception and comprehension is aimed at mental acrobatics for the sake of its own continuation and perpetuation on this planet of the unending race of every living being. Humanity have been created a set of sophisticated myths, fairy tales, fables since the primordial times, merely to romantisize and describe the unconcerned, indifferent to them nature, make it more interested in their insignificant fate on an abandoned stone among the vast Universe that a human mind can never fully comprehend.

These myths and fallacies have strongly rescued a human being to get through this life, taping a huge immanent existential hole which every man is genetically disposed to conceive by its over-developed consciousness. There was even a time when some people attempted to break the spell of delusions that had existed for several centuries straight and came across a defensive, irrational reaction from their opponents. The result of this encroachment on sacrosanct lies, dogmatic falsehoods, which was firmly based in the minds of people, were multiple mind-horrifying tortures, persecution, and enormous asperities. Historical atrocities perfectly exhibit how humanity could not imagine its existence without deliberate falsification of reality, substitution of facts for empty, but sweet fiction.

There is an erroneous, widespread opinion that life consists with immeasurable amount of pleasurable moments, joy, and fun. Despite the constant struggle every induvidual is facing every second of the miserable/neutral existence, most people totally agree with standpoint that the struggle is completely paid off and worth it. Actually, there’s a blind optimistic-masochistic perspective on this entire situation. The immense contrast between suffering and pleasure cannot be underrated and dismissed as unfounded, invalid, another pessimistic argument. The bad moments in life significantly outweight the good and pleasurable moments, and even may destroy them entirely. The remarkable example is the person with chronic anhedonia is partially or completely devoid of any positive meaning in their life; that clearly shows that positivies and good moments are not necessarly for living, but they have only emotional incentive to it. The crude concepts of “the good”, “the positive” represent the sole purpose programmed by evolution for survival, the behavior pattern that leads to the most positive and benevolent outcomes; and thereafter repetition of that behavior due to addiction to that “high” fixation. If there hadn’t been such a strong “punisment and reward” mechanism, providing a stimulation for onward continuing the insane life struggle, the most species wouldn’t even have tried to survive in this ferocious game.

In the modern world, the attempt to destroy entrenched illusions and dogmas is different, a little softer, than it has been throughout the history. If you are the owner of a pessimistic (or rather realistic) worldview, then just try to state the real positions of things, tell people what they would never want to hear, something that could destroy their thin pink bubble of illusions erected by years of complete ignorance and sheer selfishness. Thus, they will immediately turn on bestial, violent aggression mode, their protective reaction of the psyche, and will try to tear you into rags physically or mentally. In other cases, they will offer to send you to a psychiatric ward, in the worst case, and inprison there for the rest of your life. This is the expensive price of unpleasant truth, a bitter pill that not everyone is ready or able to swallow.

There are no guaranteed 100% percent positives in life. All of these positives are simply absent/satisfied negatives states. This thesis is very easy to verify by your own experience — it is enough to do nothing and you will return to your standart state of need and anguish; all that is needed to feel the desired relief, the probable positive from the creeping need, is to satisfy a necessity of your body. Furthermore, one cannot comprehend all the possible joys of life, being in a critical state of physical or mental disintergation for him. Consequently, there is no point in asserting the inherent positive value of life that is so often declared from all conceivable and inconceivable sides, forcibly indoctrinated from the very appearance of the individual.

Needless to say, the cultivation of coercive, blind optimism occurs especially in the niche of psychology/psychiatry. The main purpose of such organizations is to convince a stray person that he has an extremely wrong view of state of affairs. Thus, these institutions spread the obfuscating opinion that life is actually not as negative as it seems to them at first glance, but it have a huge number of positive experiences. Excessive pessimism, which in many places gives a glimpse of the real state of things, is also considered the fierce tricks of his sick mind which is not able to get drunk with natural drugs, endogenous chemicals, and broken, now bitter illusions. The methods of medical and verbal clouding of the mind sometimes achieve significant results — as much as possible these subtle tools shield the disillusioned patient from the unpleasant vision of the world. Certainly, that psychologists/psychiatrists are merely interested in only one goal — an immediate return of a deplorable person to the old, inextinguishable misconceptions, fallacies, successful socialization, acceding the collective delirium.

The mob is ready for any luminous hopes, sweet lies in order to find a good reason to live and continue their insignificant life in the descendants. People, like other living beings on this planet, cannot bear this bitter thought of their inevitable demise. Even those who lead the most miserable and impoverished existence are trying so hard to cling to this life, no matter what cruel and unexpected surprises fate presents to them. They find their salvation from cruel fate in lifelong self-deception, eternal, unrealizable hope about “better times”. The eternal fairy tales that the Messiah will come and save them, smoothly eases their predicament. Especially among such the most desperate strata of the human race, the belief in a reassuring afterlife, heaven after death, flourishes and that provides final comfort to endure this burdensome life, no matter how appalling and repulsive it may be.

On an individual level, optimistic deception lies in such a very popular concept of the 21st century as “self-improvement”. This is the same rat race, but only on the microscale of each particular life. No matter what you bring to the description of the concept, the main goal in this field is to prove to yourself that you are getting better every day. However, if you look deeper, it turns out very bitterly, that every day we are inexorably getting worse from a biological point of view. We are getting older, our mental and physical abilities are gradually fading away, no matter how much we try to resist the inevitable, it is genetically embedded in us. Learning of new skills, the acquisition of knowledge, regular exercise, of course, significantly help to slow down the aging of the organism, but does not completely prevent this biological process.

In addition to individual predisposition to ephemeral positive experiences, there are also a mass widespread fallacies that flourish in mainstream culture/modern society. This is the so-called hive mind positive, transhumanistic pipedreams in the hope of a long-awaited utopia. I think, many people know that in modern culture for several decades, there has been another easily accessible lie about a “better future” — to work, to create revolutionary technologies, to persevere with all possible efforts so that future generations will be able to delight these better times in the future finally created for real enjoyment, for life and not for its pathetic parody in the present or the past; the life that billions have ever dreamed of, who lived devoutly, but died hard in hunger, poverty, devastation, disease. Strangely enough, but there are sufficient grounds to consider these people that were humiliated by life as just a nutritious substrate for future generations, for whom they overcame all the difficulties in their life path in a bloody sweat, but still eventually died miserable and poor. Although, they were warmed by hope, an idea imposed by the government/the media, they did not even notice with what ease and naturalness they so wastefully ruined themselves for the sake of empty promises raised to the rank of the meaning of life.

A “bright future” is a very vague and blurry term, a mere cheap, which is so cleverly manipulated from the outside, trying to squeeze all the vital forces out of each individual. There is no guarantee that the genuine “better” future may eventually turn into the present. Most likely, there is a reliable guarantee that this will never happen. None of the technologies will be able to alleviate the original human predicament — relentless, haunting suffering will remain suffering, even with highly developed technological progress. Where there are brains. there is a perennial, incessant generation of suffering, physical and mental.

All positive thinking and other mental delusions may be reduced to superficial and invalid frame of mind, covering up the monstrous primitive reality with fictional crutches that will someday collapse with a huge and jarring crash. In any case, even if such a depressingly realistic view of the world causes a huge mental rejection due to the evolutionarily hardwired firmware “survive at any cost and breed”, this does not mean that you can freely neglect it, run away from the existing status quo, heavily obfuscate your mind with bankrupt deceptions and figments of society, constant escapism. Sooner or later, no matter how hard and tightly you pull the colorful bandage of illusions over your eyes, play ostrich, diving his head under the sand, reality will still be able to catch up with you and hurt you even more harshly, shatter your dilapidated illusions, throw you away on the wasteland of contemplation of hopelessness and confusion of your situation.

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