Vicious cycle of human li(f)e. Birth-School-Work-Death.

There is an opinion that each person has its own unique, unrepeatable path in life. But what is really “unique” and “unrepeatable” in the life of every person? Isn’t this common thesis just blatantly wrong and misleading? In this article, I would like to analyze in the most general terms the life of a person and reveal that there’s actually nothing “unique” and “special” about any trajectory of living, but everything is already determined before our birth.

To begin with, every particular “incomparable” person has the same unpretentious path and destiny predefined already by its cultural phenomenon, parental whims and caprices. This scheme may be approximately represented like this: birth⸺kindergarten⸺preschool⸺school⸺college⸺work⸺family⸺death. Of course, some phases could be omitted, but it generally doesn’t change the obviously big picture of a discernable pattern in the life of every person.

This may come as a surprise, but any generation is absolutely no different from the other in its nature. The same strivings for a better life, abudance of wealth, wellbeing, succesful prosperity. In actual fact, every “new” generation is an “old” generation with just the contrasting external “candy wrapper”, which includes a combination of other habits, mentality, fashion, but does not change its substantial core content. The same needs, problems, suffering meets every person at every point in this life. We are just built according to the single grand scheme prescribed in DNA molecule. Specifically, it commands us how to act in one particular case, what bodily sensations should happen when something goes wrong, what thoughts emerges when the stimulus will act on the receptor sensory organs, et cetera. Needless to say, we clearly don’t have ability to choose our so-called “individuality”. Let’s be honest, we are just a mechanical combination of happened events, biological drives and desires, external environment, consumed movies, books, music. Besides, there’s clearly no point to strenuously contradict the obviousness of the deterministic fact of existence.

However, the modern society asserts and propagands the radically reverse image of every particular individual: all were born with a completely blank sheet, all have equivalent abilities both intellectually and physically (except of those who are intellectually or physically disabled at birth), all are capable of one or another type of activity, without exception, all have the potential to achive their maximum personal prosperity and welfare. Practically, such a false statement is based in the minds of many people, dazzles with its easy accessibility and optimistic conclusions. But when you have to face a tough, unyielding reality, all this barricade of affirmative beliefs collapses in an instant. Who would have thought that we are puppets, dramatically restricted by our structure of brain, by DNA molecule that sets the rhythm of one’s whole life? What for one person seems so easy, is unbearable for another. That’s prosaic, but harsh and unendurable truth not everyone could simply incorporate in one’s mind. Especially, this is not profitable to the insidious capitalistic system, which parasitizes on the fantasies and aspirations of an individual.

Certainly, any person is forced into this cruel and hostile world with the constant need and the total unawareness, where they had been put into. After their birth, the parents took care of them, physically and mentally protected from the unknown horrors of the world. They were constantly subjected to upbringing, severe indoctrination by the parents during the period of growing up, which shaped the beings they are today. Their character, preferences, explicit and implicit fears – all of this has a direct path from the childhood, which they didn’t have the right to dispose of on their own and were thrown to the mercy of fate. In fact, they were only a mini-Frankenstein in the hands of the influential breeders, who put not the most humane experiments on them from the most unconscious age. All parent-child relationships are based on the unquestioning subordination of the latter to the former. Thus, the parent feels the fullness of his power and feels like God in the eyes of the child, and the latter is just a mini-slave, who is destined to unconditionally fulfill the requirements of their producer.

Then comes a more conscious age in the life of a small person. During this period, many parents send their young subordinates to kindergarten, dumping all the hard work of upbringing, basic socialization skills, elementary training on kindergarten’s workers. The innocent kids do not always receive a soft and condescending attitude in this terrifying menagerie, and sometimes the conditions of detention in this ambiguous place are even much worse than on any atrocious cattle farm that can only have ever been imagined. The fact, that parents forcibly separate a small child from themselves and send them to some kind of obscure brutal “cage”, apparently represents that in actual reality, the parents simply show their explicit indifference and negligence towards their child. They simply don’t worry about them. Kindergarten is the first stage in the formation of the future cogwheel in this confusing tedious mechanism called “life”.

The further you go in life, the more difficult it becomes both emotionally and physically. There’s no solid cause to deny this indisputable fact. The next stage in the life of each person is to painstakingly receive, collect information about the world around them, to which they were forcibly brought, either with malicious intent, or due to pure ignorance and barefaced selfishness. School, you may agree, is one of the most rugged periods in every person’s life. However, there are brainwashing rumors, that this is the best and carefree time in a person’s life, the zenith of happiness. How did this happen? I suppose, there are no limits to the enormity of the hell that takes place in that infamous institution. Homework, teachers, emotional pressure, bullying, exams, rigid lesson schedules, subjects that you are forced to know flawlessly – how can this really be a wonderful period of life that drains so much energy and mental health? I assume that the “best time in life” in this thesis meant the time spent outside the walls of this torture chamber, which is so vainly romanticized in various teen films, TV series, in the hope that the vague dream will become a reality someday.

After school, a person usually goes to college/courses to aquire a higher education, or in another case, tries to get a job. In college, almost the identical events occur, as it was during school years, only at a increased level of complexity. Commonly, people go to college to get additional education in the specialty they will work as in the future. In fact, this stage is optional, not required, but an “additional circle of hell” that needs to be surmounted, in order to become a more competitive wage slave in this world of rat races over long distances, at the end of which a crushing catastrophe always awaits.

All these educational machinations in its content, are not intended for the direct purpose, but serve only as sophisticated animal training to prepare the so-called “adult life”, where you are forced to work tirelessly 8-12 hours a day until the decomposition of the body. Like a crazy squirrel in an endless wheel, you need to flee steadily till the bitter end, in order to have enough means to maintain your ever-aching organism poisoned by the needs of existence.

Without a doubt, many people are trying to cling to this imposed model. Many consider it to be an absolute measure of a truly happy life, hence, they are following the penultimate step, tracing the credible road paved for centuries – creating their own family. Сertainly, they create a family, primarily to satisfy their own selfish, innate animal needs. Each family member in one way or another cares, first of all, only cares about their own well-being, and their lack of it sucks out of other family members. The example of childbearing alone fully confirms the above statement. They bring new entities into this cruel world, not out of love for them, but out of love for themselves. Also, the family is an excellent guarantor, as is commonly believed in our society of lies and hypocrisy, for a “happy” and “long” life. Of course, everyone easily falls for this social bait, which has had an institutionalized status for a long time. Many are possessed by an obsession, an unearthly passion of love, and they succumb to this animal and crude impulse, they are seized by the desire to master the object of their grand passion and lust. Therefore, they officially conclude their marriage union, and create a new unit of society – the family. Together with this created family, a number of problems arise, and in a special light, one of them can be emphasized – the problem of childbirth. It is a well known fact, that in conditions of severe social pressure, the family seems to be incomplete without a working mechanical procreation. Moreover, at a certain point in the life of a family of two people, there arises an extremely unendurable existential gap that needs to be filled urgently. In most cases, the placeholder is an innocent child who as well has to repeat this whole vicious cycle of tortures of life.

Just as the every beginning has its own end, so every living being has its own relieving end. The last stage of this sworn and vicious cycle of human life is death. The last heartbeat, the last breath, the last words, the last look at this monstrous world. Doubtless, this event pleases none of the living beings with its frightening and evil appearance, threatening with physical and mental suffering before going into eternal obscurity. The thought of death instills existential horror, exposes the meaninglessness and futility of all existence. That is why many anchors were created, such as family, work, religion, the goverment, hobbies, so that there would be a budding tool for strangling this harmful viper – the emerging thought of its inevitable demise, and the resulting meaninglessness of all actions and aspirations.

To some people, my reflections may seem extremely pessimistic and defeatist. Thus, they may object that there is not only continuous pain, suffering and tedium in life, but also something really beautiful and good. This objection can easily be refuted by the true fact that we suffer most of the time – 99.99% to get the smallest crumbs of happiness – 0.01%. There is no way to get pleasure and well-being without suffering, your own or someone else’s. Every suffering has the greatest weight and a much longer duration, is perceived much more sharply than any blissful pleasure that can only have ever been experienced.

Thus, the entire life of any individual is a constant blind flight. Lifelong desertion from one’s finite being. Immersion in deep escapism, heavy illusions about life, brazen and impudent, imposed, phantasmagorical lies. There’s no point in perpetuating this unrestrained, maddening and blind devastating journey to nowhere. There’s no point.

6 thoughts on “Vicious cycle of human li(f)e. Birth-School-Work-Death.

    • There are illusory “free will”, available options that we consider to choose completely consciously, arbitrarily. Actually, we have the restricted set of options we are able to perform, think about, determined by many external and internal factors such as genetics, the structure of brain, societal norms, life story, environment, mood — these are firmly tangled with each other, and mold out a possible “pick list” in our brain that selects the most suitable version. Remarkably, even our ability to the decision-making was predefined exactly for our species by evolution. Some species certainly don’t have such a “gift”, but follow the inherited behavioral patterns. As for me, I propably wouldn’t have written this article, If there had not been such a strong urge to pour out of the deep-rooted strain, accumulated by years of clear-minded observation of life’s total humiliation.

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